Digital Marketing Course in Patna



It is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements and is meant to build brand awareness.

EM Courses

EM Courses includes the following topics:

  • Getting Started
    ⇒ Start an email marketing plan.
    ⇒ Familiarize with the various types of email communications.
  • Elements of Marketing Emails
    ⇒ Learn the advantages of the different text formats (HTML or Plain Text).
    ⇒ Discover the right components for your marketing emails.
  • Email Content
    ⇒ Build your email with the appropriate content.
    ⇒ Learn strategies to keep your emails from being classified as spam.
  • Email Marketing Plan
    ⇒ Establish your email campaign goals.
    ⇒ Decide on a target audience.
    ⇒ Set strategies.
    ⇒ Learn email marketing legal guidelines.
  • Build your Email List
    ⇒ Learn ways to build your email list via customer interaction.
    ⇒ Build your email list through a website subscribe form.
    ⇒ Use a list broker to buy mailing lists.
  • Choosing your Email Platform
    ⇒ Learn about quality email providers.
    ⇒ Check to see if email provider is blacklisted.
    ⇒ Compare email providers.
  • Measuring your Email Campaign’s Success
    ⇒ Check your open rates, click-through-rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates.
    ⇒ Measure success by sending two different email versions (A/B Split Testing).
    ⇒ Understand email display problems.
    ⇒ Test how spam filters react to your campaign email.

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