Digital Marketing Course in Patna



It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

SMM Courses

SMM Courses includes the following topics:

  • Social Media Marketing Overview Introduction to Social Media
    ⇒Social Media Landscape
    ⇒Social Media and Content Marketing
    ⇒Awareness, Engagement and Conversions
    ⇒Social Media Channels and Platforms
  • Social Media Channels & Platforms Blogging & Content Marketing
    ⇒Social Networks
    ⇒Visual Marketing
    ⇒Storytelling & Viral Content
    ⇒Online Reputation Management
    ⇒Influencer Marketing
    ⇒Customer Support
    ⇒Community Building
  • Facebook Marketing Facebook Glossary
    ⇒Pages, Groups & Communities
    ⇒Facebook Ads Manager & Business Manager
    ⇒Facebook AD Campaigns
    ⇒Facebook Power Editor
    ⇒Facebook Analytics
    ⇒Facebook Pixel & conversion Tracking
    ⇒Optimizing the Page & Posts
    ⇒Instant Articles or IAs
    ⇒Setting up a conversion Funnel
    ⇒Facebook Messenger & Bots
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • YouTube Marketing
    ⇒Video Marketing
    ⇒Setting up and configuring a Channel
    ⇒Understanding YouTube creative Studio
    ⇒Optimizing Channel and Videos
    ⇒YouTube video AD Campaigns & Targeting
    ⇒Content creation Tools
    ⇒Keyword research & Youtube Analytics
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Twitter Marketing
    ⇒Twitter Glossary
    ⇒Keywords, Hashtags & Searches
    ⇒Tweets, Lists, Followers & Moments
    ⇒Apps & Analytics
    ⇒Twitter AD Campaigns
    ⇒Twitter content strategy
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • LinkedIn Marketing
    ⇒Profile, Pages, Groups
    ⇒LinkedIn Content Strategy
    ⇒LinkedIn search, connections & Leads
    ⇒LinkedIn Ads & Analytics
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Instagram Marketing Understanding Hashtags
    ⇒Types of viral content on Instagram
    ⇒Content creation Tools
    ⇒Increasing Followers and comments
    ⇒Optimizing Posts and Stories
    ⇒Instagram Ads
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Pinterest Marketing Understanding Pinterest
    ⇒Pins, Boards and Image SEO
    ⇒Content Creation Tools
    ⇒Pinterest Content Strategy
    ⇒Pinterest Ads & Analytics
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • WhatsApp & Snapchat Marketing
    ⇒Personal Account vs Business Accounts
    ⇒Personalised Marketing
    ⇒Avoiding Spams & Best Practices
    ⇒Groups, broadcasts & Subscription
    ⇒Automation & Third party Integration
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Paid Advertising on Social Media
    ⇒Media and Budget Planning
    ⇒Selection of Channels and Platforms
    ⇒Hygiene vs Hero Campaigns
    ⇒Flighting vs Continuing Campaigns
    ⇒Cookies, Pixels & Third party data
    ⇒GDPR & Compliances
  • Online Reputation Management
    ⇒Social Media Listening
    ⇒Brand Monitoring
    ⇒Mentions, Reviews & Ratings
    ⇒Competitors Analysis
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Influencer Marketing
    ⇒Social Media Listening
    ⇒Finding Influencers & Evangelists
    ⇒Building Influencer Campaigns
    ⇒Paid vs Barter
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Social Media Automation and Management Content Planning & Scheduling
    ⇒Content Publishing on multiple platforms
    ⇒Managing Multiple Clients & team members
    ⇒Setting up Funnels & Integration
    ⇒Automation & Workflows
    ⇒Customization of Social media channels
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Social Media Analytics Goals, Objectives, Metrics
    ⇒Social Media Metrics vs Business Metrics
    ⇒Tracking, Monitoring, Measurement & Reporting
    ⇒Understanding ROI & KPI
    ⇒Templates & Integration
    ⇒Tips & Tricks
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Goals, Objectives & Metrics
    ⇒Social Media Integration & Campaign Message
    ⇒Buyer Persona & Channel Persona
    ⇒Media Planning & Content Calendar
    ⇒Measurement, Reporting & ROI
  • Content Marketing Content Marketing Strategy
    ⇒Vision, Mission & Objectives
    ⇒Content Marketing Budget
    ⇒KPIs, Value & ROI
    ⇒Intent based Targeting
    ⇒Sales, Visits, Subscriptions and Lead Quality
  • Preparing Content for Social Media Different forms of content
    ⇒Content Repurposing
    ⇒Creating Effective, Engaging & Viral Content
    ⇒Content for Social Media
    ⇒Content for Blogs
    ⇒Content for Newsletters
    ⇒Content for Ads
    ⇒Content for SEO
  • Content Marketing Tools
    ⇒Finding Content Trends
    ⇒Content Ideas & Keywords Mapping
    ⇒Content Promotion Methods
    ⇒Third party Tools & Techniques
    ⇒Tips & Tricks

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