Software Testing Course in Patna

Software Testing


Software Testing is an investigation conducted to provide stake holders with information about the quality of the software product or service under test. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation.

Software Testing Course

Software Testing Course includes the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Testing
    ⇒ Why is testing necessary?
    ⇒ What is testing?
    ⇒ Economics of Testing
    ⇒ Black Box Testing
    ⇒ White Box Testing
    ⇒ Software Testing Principles
    ⇒ Fundamental Test Process
  • Testing throughout the software life cycle
    ⇒Software Development models
    ⇒ V - Model
    ⇒ Iterative Life Cycles
    ⇒ Test Levels
    ⇒ Component Testing
    ⇒ Integration Testing
    ⇒ System Testing
    ⇒ Acceptance Testing
    ⇒ Maintenance testing
  • Static Techniques
    ⇒ Reviews and the test process
    ⇒ Review Process
    ⇒Inspections and Walkthroughs
    ⇒ Code Inspection
  • Test Design Techniques
    ⇒Identifying test conditions and designing test cases
    ⇒ Categories of test design techniques
    ⇒ Specification-based or black-box techniques
    ⇒ Boundary Value Analysis
    ⇒ Decision Table Testing
    ⇒ Equivalence Partitioning
    ⇒ State Transition Testing
    ⇒ Use Case Testing
    ⇒ Structure-based or white-box techniques
    ⇒ Code Coverage
    ⇒ Decision Coverage
    ⇒ Statement Coverage
    ⇒Structural Testing
    ⇒ Experience-based techniques
    ⇒ Error Guessing
    ⇒ Exploratory Testing
    ⇒ Choosing a test technique
  • Test Management
    ⇒Test Organization
    ⇒ Test Plans, Estimates, and strategies
    ⇒ Test progress monitoring and control
    ⇒ Configuration Management
    ⇒ Risk and Testing
    ⇒ Incident Management
  • Other Testing Types
    ⇒ Function Testing
    ⇒ Volume Testing
    ⇒ Stress Testing
    ⇒ Usability Testing
    ⇒ Security Testing
    ⇒ Performance Testing
    ⇒ Configuration Testing
    ⇒ Reliability Testing
    ⇒ Recovery Testing
  • Introducing Quality Center
    ⇒ The Quality Center Testing Process
    ⇒ Starting Quality Center
    ⇒ The Quality Center Window
  • Specifying Releases and Cycles
    ⇒ Defining Releases and Cycles
    ⇒ Viewing Releases and Cycles
  • Specifying Requirements
    ⇒ Defining Requirements
    ⇒ Viewing Requirements
    ⇒ Modifying Requirements
    ⇒ Converting Requirements
  • Planning Tests
    ⇒ Developing a Test Plan Tree
    ⇒ Designing Test Steps
    ⇒ Copying Test Steps
    ⇒ Calling Tests with Parameters
    ⇒ Creating and Viewing Requirements Coverage
  • Running Tests
    ⇒ Defining Test Sets
    ⇒ Adding Tests to a Test Set
    ⇒ Scheduling Test Runs
    ⇒ Running Tests Manually
    ⇒ Viewing and Analyzing Test Results
  • Adding and Tracking Defects
    ⇒ How to Track Defects
    ⇒ Adding New Defects
    ⇒ Matching Defects
    ⇒ Updating Defects
    ⇒ Linking Defects to Tests
    ⇒ Creating Favorite Views

Project Report

Students participating in any of the above course should have to generate a Project Report of the Course which they go on with.
Microcen issue's only Merit Certificate for the student, and for that the student needs to give a test of the Subject they have selected.


Fees of the course is ₹15,000.

Course Duration

Course Duration will be 2 Months

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