Advanced Java Course in Patna

Advanced Java


Advanced Java is used for web based application and enterprise application. Advanced Java is a two tier architecture i.e., client and server. This modules covers all the advanced concept of Java with the Framework.

Advanced Java Course

Advanced Java Course includes the following topics:

  • Java Database Connectivity
    ⇒ JDBC Product
    ⇒ Types of Drivers
    ⇒ Two-Tier Client/Server Model
    ⇒ Three-Tier Client/Sever Model
    ⇒ Basic Steps of JDBC
    ⇒ Creating and Executing SQL Statement
    ⇒ The Result Set Object
    ⇒ Working with Database MetaData
    ⇒ Interface
  • Servlets
    ⇒ Servlet Interaction & Advanced Servlets
    ⇒ Life cycle of Servlet
    ⇒ Java Servlet Development Kit
    ⇒ Javax.servlet package
    ⇒ Reading Servlet Parameters
    ⇒ Reading Initialization Parameters
    ⇒ The javax.servlet.http Package
    ⇒ Handling HTTP
  • JavaServer Pages
    ⇒ JSP Technologies
    ⇒ Understanding the Client-Server Model
    ⇒ Understanding Web server software
    ⇒ Configuring the JSP Server
    ⇒ Handling JSP Errors
    ⇒ JSP Translation Time Errors
    ⇒ JSP Request Time Errors
    ⇒ Creating a JSP Error Page
  • RMI
    ⇒ RMI Architecture
    ⇒ Designing RMI application
    ⇒ Executing RMI application
  • EJB
    ⇒ Types of EnterpriseJava beans
    ⇒ Session Bean & Entity Bean
    ⇒ Features of Session Bean
    ⇒ Life-cycle of Stateful Seession Bean
    ⇒ Features of Entity Bean
    ⇒ Life-cycle of Entity Bean
    ⇒ Container-managed Transactions &
    ⇒ Bean-managed Transactions
    ⇒ Implementing a container-manged Entity Bean
  • XML
    ⇒ What is XML?
    ⇒ XML Syntax Rules
  • Struts
    ⇒ Introduction to the Apache Struts
    ⇒ MVC Architecture
    ⇒ Struts Architecture
    ⇒ How Struts Works?
    ⇒ Introduction to the Struts Controller
    ⇒ Introduction to the Struts Action Class
    ⇒ Using Struts ActionFrom Class
    ⇒ Using Struts HTML Tags
    ⇒ Introduction to Struts Validator Framework
    ⇒ Client Side Address Validation in Struts
    ⇒ Custom Validators Example
    ⇒ Developing Application with Struts Tiles

Project Report

Students participating in any of the above course should have to generate a Project Report of the Course which they go on with.
Microcen issue's only Merit Certificate for the student, and for that the student needs to give a test of the Subject they have selected.


Fees of the course is ₹13,500.

Course Duration

Course Duration will be 2 Months

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