Python Web Development with Django in Patna!



Django is the most popular and most mature Python web development framework around. It makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code. Building web sites with Django is not just smart and efficient, but fun too!

Python with Django Web Course

Python with Django Web Course includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Django
    ⇒ What is Django?
    ⇒ Django and Python
    ⇒ Django’ s take on MVC: Model, View and Template
    ⇒ DRY programming: Don’t Repeat Yourself
    ⇒ How to get and install Django
  • Getting started with Django
    ⇒ About the 3 Core Files:,,
    ⇒ Setting up database connections
    ⇒ Managing Users & the Django admin tool
    ⇒ Installing and using ‘out of the box’ Django features
  • Django URL Patterns and Views
    ⇒ Designing a good URL scheme
    ⇒ Generic Views
  • Django Forms
    ⇒ Form classes
    ⇒ Validation
    ⇒ Authentication
    ⇒ Advanced Forms processing techniques
  • Django & REST APIs
    ⇒ Django REST framework
    ⇒ Django-piston
  • Unit Testing with Django
    ⇒ Overview / Refresher on Unit Testing and why it’s good
    ⇒ Using Python’s unittest2 library
    ⇒ Test
    ⇒ Test Databases
    ⇒ Doctests
    ⇒ Debugging Best Practices

Project Report

Students participating in any of the above course should have to generate a Project Report of the Course which they go on with.
Microcen issue's only Merit Certificate for the student, and for that the student needs to give a test of the Subject they have selected.


Fees of the course is ₹12,000.

Course Duration

Course Duration will be 2 Months

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